TOUCH AND GO - Blue Seed I ending
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Blue Seed I ending
Singer: Hayashibara Megumi
Album: N/A    N/A
Contributed by:
Translated by:
Sum of peoples who singing with this song: 5996
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itsunoma ni ka yume no naka de
futari KISU o shiteita no
mitsumeatte zutto mae kara
kokoni ita you ni

doukashiteru ne hen na kimochi
asa yake ga me ni shimiru
mune no oku ni umarete...

# KAN chigai shinai de to
furi ha ratta nukumori ni
hikareteku jibun ga
sukoshi KOWA katta kara
koi ja nakute ii nante
mayowasete gomen ne
kitto sono fun
watashi mo setsunaku naru no ni

kono mama de irareru no nara
futari II tomodachi yo ne
dakedo kokoro ha kokyuu no tabi
katachi o kaeteku

kagami no mae de utsushite miru
tameraiya toma doi o
nan no tame ni
chigau watashi sagasu no..

wakare giwa kata koshi ni
kawashita shisen no imi ha
hito koto de subete o
ushinau kamo shirenai
koi ja nakute ii nante
katte na ii wake ne
ashita attara
donna kao sureba ii no yo

Repeat #
Something took me by surprise, just the other day
Yeah, the two of us were kissing, in my dreams
It felt like even before the first time Iíd met you,
youíd always been here, close to me

Whatís the matter with me? Whatís with these strange feelings?
The glow of the morning calls out to me
And the pureness of blue
in my heart, it seems to... to be reborn

Oh, please donít get the wrong idea, no
from the way all my warmth seemed to flee from me
Though my heart was lit
I was still a little bit afraid, though I canít say why
If this isnít love, I guess thatís okay
Sorry for confusing you this way
For surely for my own part
there will be an ache in my heart, whatever you do

If the two of us could stay like this forever,
then weíd surely have to be the best of friends
But the time would come when my heart would come up for air
The pretense would then have to end.

In the mirror there I see, reflected before me,
all my confusion and insecurity
Why do I always seek
to find another me, reflected there...?

That you would leave me, your eyes seemed to say
as they met mine, looking over your shoulder
Donít say anything
We could lose everything we might ever have known someday
If this isnít love, I guess thatís okay
I should neveríve said all this today
Tomorrow, if I see you
I donít know well, what I should do... what I should say?

Repeat #


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