MY FRIENDS - Macross 7 ending
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Macross 7 ending
Singer: Kajiura Chie (Mylene Jenius)
Album: N/A    N/A
Contributed by: MAY-CHAN;
Translated by:
Sum of peoples who singing with this song: 3283
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koi wo suru you ni koe wo kasanereba kiss
atashi no heart wa koko ni aru yo itsudatte...

dakedo Oh! kimi no kagayaku me wa nani wo
sagashi-tsudzukeru no?
Oh! My friends

# kimi to hashiri dasu
yume no tsudzuku hoshi e to
mitsume aereba hora
nanimokamo kanau kara...

namida mo misenai tsuyoki na atashi no Oh! Face
nani wo iwarete mo heiki de irareta hazu no...

chikagoro no aitsu fuman ni narukunai
tooku wo mitsumete
Oh! My friends

## kimi to sagashiteta
mirai no chizu wo motte
tadoritsuku hazu dakara

yume wo tsukamu made
hashiri-tsudzukeru goto sa
kanjireba yume wa
koko ni aru hazu dakara

Repeat # ##
In order to love, our voices overlap in a kiss
My heart is right here, so when?...

But, Oh! What is your twinkling eye
still searching for?
Oh! My friends

Together we start running
to the stars that lead to our dreams
When we look into each others eyes (Look!)
anything can come true

I wont show my tears either; Ill show my strong (Oh!) face
I shouldve stayed cool no matter what was said...

Lately, you dont seem to be unhappy...
Gazing off in the distance...
Oh! My friends

Together well search,
holding a map of the future.
If we keep running,
its because we should struggle on.

Until we catch our dream,
well keep running after it.
When we feel it,
its because the dream should be here after all.

Repeat # ##


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